Different Keylogger Programs Including Keylogger for Windows 8

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The Good and The Bad Of Keylogger For Windows 8

A keylogger is a program that is capable of recording keystrokes, chat conversations, websites visited, and any other data that is accessed via your PC keyboard. keylogger for windows 8 can be harmful when used by hackers and cyber criminals but they can also be useful for keeping your children safe online, monitoring employee activities, and retrieving important data in the event of a computer crash.

Keylogger for Windows 8 Versus Other Keyloggers

There are basically two types of keylogger for windows 8:

  1. Keylogger programs which are used for monitoring purposes.
  2. Keylogger programs which are used by hackers for the purpose of malicious intent.

In terms of actual keylogger software and devices there are many different forms which help you to monitor a PC user’s activity. Keyloggers can be obtained in the form of software and external devices which can be attached via USB port.

The malicious types of keyloggers are installed on your PC without your knowledge by hackers. This type of keylogger enters your PC from the Internet and can be installed by clicking on website components which are infected with malware. Hackers use this type of keylogger to log your keystrokes and steal your personal data. Once the data is collected it is sent back to a remote server where it is used for criminal acts or sold on the black market on the Internet.

Advantages of Keylogger Programs

Keylogger for windows 8 which are above board have many useful advantages. They can provide a way for you to keep your children safe online by monitoring who they are talking to and websites they are visiting.

A keylogger program can also monitor the activity of employees. This ensures productivity within the company and that employees are using their time properly while on the clock.

Another advantage of a keylogger is that you can deploy it on your PC for the purpose of backing up critical data and storing passwords in the event you forget them.

Disadvantages of Keylogger Programs

The main disadvantage of keylogger software is that it can provide a third party with access to your personal information and financial data. This is the malicious type keylogger which is installed from the Internet without your knowledge. Every time you start your PC the keylogger also starts up which makes it difficult for the PC user to detect its presence.

Another disadvantage of keylogger software is that it can get you into trouble in your place of employment if you are conducting improper activities during the work day. Additionally, if you live in an area where the law does not permit the use of keyloggers in the workplace, the illegal use of this type of program can be a gross violation of your privacy.

If you suspect that a malicious keylogger is present on your PC it is important to know how to take the appropriate actions to remove it. This can be accomplished by running your antivirus program and anti-malware solution and checking for keylogger files which are present in your PC’s registry.

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